Picking a Lens Color for Designer Sunglasses if You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder


I craved the sunshine. Even a sunny day in the cold of winter was helpful to me. The sunshine of summer made me feel a whole lot better. I was like the poster child for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD as many know it by. That is where lack of daily exposure to sunshine makes you feel depressed, lacking energy and overall just plain awfully blah. A few rainy days in a row brought it on, and winter was awful with its shorter days. I wanted the sun so bad that even the chance to wear designer sunglasses had me leaving them in my pocket more often than wearing them. I wondered about that, so I took a look into it.

Those who have SAD do better on bright sunny days. In the winter many of those who suffer from the disorder have a light panel they sit in front of that exposes them to bright light for a few hours every day. (more…)

What You Should Know About Super Casino Bonus And Offers


When choosing super casino site, you can’t simply ignore the bonus and offers you can gain. Source the information directly to the site to find out information about super casino bonus and offers, it is a good idea, so to speak. That said, there is a way if you expect more effective way to know more about the bonus and offers, let say. It is way better if you simply look around one reliable site like bonus4casino where you effortlessly can source information about bonus and offers that will enhance your enjoyment while playing.

Too, the bonus is not outdated, since it will be regularly updated. You rest assured for the latest and as well exclusive bonus and offers you can attain. Each individual has different way to determine what is good for them. You may think that monthly bonus every time you transfer your deposit is best thing for you. Whilst, other may think the contrary. Different with you, they consider about having multiple bonus anytime they put their deposit like the first deposit, the second, and the third.

Other thing you can benefit from good super casino site, it is the reviews. Considering the reviews, you will know about your operator through other people’s perspective, thence it will be honest. Bunches of casino operators online will welcome you, in the next time you look one to make your first account. Know nothing about your operator, be prepared with nightmare you don’t expect to be a part of your life. You play the real money there. So then, if you can’t pick them properly, it will affect the cost that you need to pay. Oh, chance to win as well. It is easy for online casino operator to trick you. In short, select one that is trusted enough, you know it once you find it.

Musesgowns, Right Place to Find Beautiful Dresses in Special Price


Prom always becomes special moment. It is a moment where women must be so beautiful since there will be big party. It will be a memorable moment, so it is worthy to make memorable experience in the prom. In this case, choosing the dress can be the right thing to do when you are going to make memorable experience. There can be many beautiful Prom Dresses to choose, but there may be confusing to choose the best one. In this case, there are some beautiful dresses to choose in Musesgowns. For example, there is shimmering floor-length scoop beading dress. This dress comes in red to make you look so attractive and there are beadings as the great combinations. This also has special price that will not make your pocket empty. There is also comfortable sweetheart beading sheath floor-length dress. This dress is unique. It comes in beautiful blue and there is beadings forming a shape of heart. This makes you look very attractive and lovely.

Musesgowns also has many interesting Prom Wedding Dresses to wear when you are planning a wedding ceremony. As the prom dress designs, there are beautiful wedding dress designs to wear. It will not be only a dream to be a princess in the wedding ceremony. For example, there is flattering mermaid floor-length scoop wedding dress. This dress may look plain in white, but actually there are details of pattern on its fabric. This makes the dress look awesome in simpler look. If you want to wear long sleeves, there is modern long sleeves floor-length V-Neck wedding dress. It has modern long sleeves with V-neck to show your beauty. The sleeves hide some part of your hands. It comes in white to make your wedding looks so sacred and awesome. There is also ball gown, such as brilliant ball gown floor-length. This wedding dress is a sleeveless dress. There are also details of beadings in the gown to make your look more attractive.

There still other collections of dresses in Musesgowns. There are some beautiful Evening Dresses to see. There are some designs of dress in A-line style. For example, there is classic A-line scoop floor-length applique dress. This dress comes in blue. Another dress is dazzling A-line sweetheart floor-length beading dress. There are beautiful beadings on the waist to make the white dress look so beautiful. There are still many other dresses in the store. All of them come in special prices, so you can get beautiful dress with lower prices.

8 Tips To Make You Look Taller

8 Tips To Make You Look Taller

We’re not all born with long limbs and legs for days – but there are certain tips and tricks you can employ to help add a few extra inches. Here are 8 insider tips!

It goes without saying that ‘good things come in small packages’, but how do you make your style assist the illusion of being tall?

It’s not just women who can benefit from these tips from luxury fashion label Edwin Pireh –  men can learn a thing or two to assist their stature too. Enjoy!

1. Shoe colour
As the feet are an extension of the legs, if you colour match your shoes with your pants/legs it will create an extended illusion. Women wearing a skirt should opt for shoes to match the skin tone of their legs, when wearing pants one should aim for shoes to match the colour of their pants.

2. Sleeves 
Petite women need to watch their sleeve length. Actually, everyone needs to watch this tip! Don’t go too short as it can look odd and don’t go too long as it looks like you borrowed the top from your older sibling. Have your sleeves finish where they need to i.e. just past your wrist when your arms are by your side. Well lengthened sleeves allow the eyes to carry from the shoulder to the wrist – just enough to harmonise the attire and promote a taller look.

3. Stripes
In simple terms, horizontal lines makes you look wider, while vertical lines make you appear taller. It’s the motion of the eyes that triggers the sensation here. From thick to pin-stripe, keep the lines vertical if you want the look to be speaking up.

4. Hair
Unfortunately, for those women who love to have long lushes of hair, this marriage with petite cannot last. This is where opposites work best to what you’re trying to achieve. To appear taller, keep your hair above shoulder height. The rule for taller here is actually the shorter the taller.

5. Heels
Used by women of all heights, it’s amazing how much taller a pair of heels actually makes you look, not to mention the tone and definition your legs start promoting! Wedges are huge at the moment and one of my favourite everyday styles provides the elevation while being supportive over long periods of time.

6. Neck line
Round necks will make you look more, well… round, while v-necks will create that longer neckline making your neck appear longer which in turn makes you look taller.

7. Fitted
Petite women should only aim for clothing that is well fitted promoting their frame. Baggy clothing will only emphasise a heavier look and keep the overall height confined. Well tailored clothing will hug your body and elongate your features making you appear taller.

8. Hands
Women are synonymous with lovely soft hands and beautifully manicured nails. Keeping your nails long will extend your hand in a glamorous way adding to the notion of longer is taller. Don’t go overboard either, keep your nails up to 1cm long.

The Hottest Shoe Trends for Summer!


The Hottest Shoe Trends for Summer!

To ensure you’re walking into the warmer weather with this season’s most wanted shoes, here are the top shoe trends to look out for.

You know the saying, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world’? Well, this season designers have certainly proved that saying right and as expected the 2014 catwalks delivered a visual cornucopia for shoe lovers everywhere. We can all agree, when it comes to the feet ALL women love to spend big, adoring ludicrously sexy rather than comfy soles, and own as many pairs as there are days in a year.

To ensure your walking into the warmer weather with the covet-worthy shoes, Mister Minit has teamed with Westfield Sydney head stylist Adriana Fernandez to determine the hottest shoe trends for the upcoming season.

Expect to see it all from the iconic Birkenstock to the chic sandal, Adriana outlines the biggest trends in shoes this summer, while shoe repair experts Mister Minit offers advice and their top tips for looking after them.

TREND: Ankle Strap Sandals

The ankle strap high heel shoe is a summer classic that is revived each year. There’s something about the barely-there ankle strap sandal that it totally irresistible. Perhaps it’s the power to make legs look sexier in an instant. They literally go with anything, from a dress to boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt.

Care tips:
• Single soled shoes will wear more than a platform and Mister Minit stress the importance of applying an anti-slip sole just after purchase to prolong the life of your shoes and give some extra comfort.
• Stiletto heels can easily be worn down, so make sure you replace your heel tip early to prevent damage to the heel block (available at Mister Minit from $17.95).
• Always undo the buckles to prevent the leather and elastics stretching and breaking.

TREND: Birkenstocks

There’s no ignoring them, Birkenstocks are set to become the shoe of the summer! Whether you love or loathe Birkenstock’s sandals, there’s no denying the influence they are currently enjoying when it comes to shoe trends. Yes, they might have around some 240 years (and can be worn by eight and 80 year olds alike) but as fashion trends lean in favour of all that equals comfort and practicality the Birkenstock has become a mascot for all that is sensible yet stylish.

Care Tips:

• Both the cork and the soles of your Birkenstocks can be damaged by exposure to concentrated heat. If your shoes become wet, allow them to   dry naturally at room temperature.
• The footbed is constructed of layers of jute and cork covered in a suede lining, designed to absorb moisture from your feet. It is recommended to air your footbeds regularly to prevent a buildup of odours which occur from excess moisture and clean them using a Suede and Nubuck Mousse Cleaner.

TREND: Mules 

This season the mule, a favorite style of the 90’s, is back hotter than ever. Once a signature shoe for the over-60 set, it has received a youthful makeover. Whether a floral adorned flat, a chunky heel, or a sleek stiletto, the new mule has been transformed into a modern must have.

• The best quality shoes are made out of leather but leather is like skin and requires moisturising. Use a leather conditioner to nourish your leather mules.
• Store shoes in dustbag/box to prevent shoes from being knocked around and always handle with care.

TREND: Espadrilles

Espadrille shoes have topped the must-have list, thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Beyonce. These celebrities have been spotted wearing the espadrilles from French fashion designer Chanel and thankfully other designers have taken note of the trend too. These casual flats are perfect option to wear for those fun events you have planned this summer.  With vibrant on trend colours and hints of leather and lace, the Espadrilles have been taken to a new fashion level while still maintaining that classic style.

Fabric shoes require specific care to ensure their longevity:
• Ensure your espadrilles are protected from the elements by using Miss Minit Water and Stain Protector. Continue to waterproof shoes on a regular basis to protect from dirt, grime, spills and stains.
• When storing espadrilles, use a shoe tree to maintain their shape.

TREND: Sneakers 

They’ve been around forever, but only for the past four years has the trend been in the fashion focus, paired with anything that crosses our minds from skirts to sequined dresses to suit trousers or sporty attire. No longer a gym or geek’ish shoe, sneakers and trainers are being seen at Fashion Weeks and even on the red carpets.  Whether colorful, embellished or super athletic, sneakers have made a big impact in the world of fashion.

Keep your kicks looking fly:
• Feet perspiration can often leave our footwear smelling a little funky. Stay Fresh, a natural product made from silver available at Mister Minit will kill the bacteria, rather than just mask the smell.
• Always undo the laces when removing shoes to prevent excessive stretching and damage to the back of the shoe.

How To: Transeasonal Dressing


by Sophie Hart

How To: Transeasonal Dressing

Fresh mornings and warm afternoons can make it difficult to organise your wardrobe! Make the transition easier with these top tips from our resident fashion expert Sophie Hart

It’s become harder and harder to trust a weather forecast so I’ve pulled together a list of recommendations – place these items at the forefront of your wardrobe for ease of dressing this month.

The Blazer

It’s always handy to have at least one blazer in your cupboard. It will come in handy more than once! You can pair a great blazer with denim shorts, a bassike tee and flats or boots for the weekend. For work, pop it on over a dress or pair it with pants when running out the door in the mornings. They’re light and easy so perfect to throw on in the morning and slip off during the day. Zara do some great blazers.

Ballet Flats

A pair of ballet flats is an absolute investment for your wardrobe and perfect in the transeasonal months. If you’re feeling excited, you can nab yourself a few colourful pairs which can jazz up your look a little. I love a pair of ballet flats with shorts and a cute fedora – hey, you can wear these with your blazer! For some fun styles, head to netaporter and search out the latest J-crew styles.

Cigarette Pants 

Classic item and my recommendation is to ensure they fit perfectly otherwise they are not the most flattering. If you can pull these off, pair them with a blouse and your ballet flats, for a tres chic look. A black pair would also be great with some of this seasons items found at Country Road – the printed Kimono Top http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/woman/clothing/new-in/60164476/Print-Kimono-Top.html and a pair of pointy flats or black heels. My biggest recommendation when purchasing these is do it in store so you get the right fit.


A great cotton knit will get you through the change of seasons, and will also come in handy during Winter, underneath a big coat. Try charcoals, whites and navy’s this season. True to fashion, Basskike have released a great range of knits, otherwise you can try Witchery – they have some great grey pieces just in.

Backstage Fashion Tips


by Kristy Johnson

Backstage Fashion Tips

Fashion Week may have come and gone, however that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a few fashion tips learnt into our everyday life!

Kristy Johnson took LifeStyle YOU backstage to speak with Toni Maticevski, Bec & Bridge and Johnny Schembri of By Johnny, to chat not only about their latest collections, but also what staple fashion items we should include in our wardrobe for the warmer months.

Bec & Bridge

Congratulations on your showing at MBFW. Where did you find inspiration for this particular collection?

It started in September last year whilst we were exploring at a flea market in NYC and came across some stunning indigo textiles. It has been an on going process since then.

We saw denim and neutrals – a colour palette that is easy to work into one’s wardrobe. Was it a conscious decision to make the range as accessible as possible?

We’re constantly thinking of our customer and creating effortless dresses and separates for them to wear. We’ve also touched on that ‘wash and wear’ concept of washed back denim and chambrays which are easy for our customer to work back with other items in their wardrobe.

How would you describe the Bec and Bridge customer?

The Bec & Bridge girl is playful, strong and chic. She knows what she wants, and likes to experiment with shapes. Our girl is ever evolving.

Which items do you think every woman should have in their wardrobe when it comes to dressing for the warmer months?

We are loving denim and indigo tones at the moment. We think it’s great for every girl to have a chambray shirt in their wardrobe, it’s a great staple. We are also obsessed with drapey white pants and shorts that you can wear everyday and dress up or down.

Toni Maticevski

Congratulations on your showing at MBFW. Where did you find inspiration for the range?

I started working with what I had already been working with over the last few seasons. Then it just morphed into the idea of taking an orchid and throwing it into space, and seeing what the shapes and volumes would kind of look like.

Do you get a rush out of seeing everything come together?

Yeah, it’s really great.

In terms of hair and makeup, what kind of look were you after?

We kept it all quite clean and just less fuss. Some of the details in the clothes are quite full on, so we just wanted a nice balance.

What tips would you give women on dressing for the warmer months?

I kind of think you should always experiment with your style and go beyond what you would usually do. That could be trying a different silhouette, or being bolder in your overall fashion choices.

Johnny Schembri

Congratulations on making it to Fashion Week. What’s the atmosphere been like?

It’s been great! It’s kind of been well prepared.

Can you tell us where you found the inspiration for this particular collection?

I started off with a whole lot of colour. I started thinking about the spectrum of colours, when you look at the sun and you close your eyes and then you see all those smaller coloured bits. We started off with pastel tones and then big blocks of colour. It became quite arty, playing with pieces in the garments and playing with art on the computer. There are also a lot of 3D elements such as silk ribbon and panels that come up the body.

What kind of fabric have you gone for?

All fabrics that I’ve used aren’t as they originally were. They’re fused to give a bit more body, as I wanted everything to have structure and a purpose.

What kind of hair and makeup look did you go for?

We had O&M doing a sculptured, wet; I wouldn’t say a quiff, but a twist that goes into dry ends. Each girl is very individual. This year it’s very much a mix of girls and the way their hair works is the way we will style the hair, so that it’s more fluid. We’ve kept the overall look more organic. Max May is doing this graphic eye that goes over the lid, but follows the contour of the eye. Everyone in the show has his or her own little quirk that we’ve kept.

What tips would you give women on dressing for Spring/Summer?

I think definitely just colour. Colour on top of colour, on top of colour, pastels mixed with muted nudes. If you’re doing colour then go all out and pare it with a nude shoe or nude lip.

Invest in a good feature skirt, whether it’s a printed skirt with a special cut, a silk skirt or something that you can just rock with a t-shirt, cami or a little crop top with flats or heels. I think a feature skirt is what everyone should have.

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