Designer Suits : A craze for young generation


Designer Suits  A craze for young generationYouth  In today’s highly competitive fashion era, love to wear such clothing which makes them unique and fashionable and they must look trendy as well .Mostly ladies who can afford and belongs to upper class family wear only designer suits for women. They don’t like to wear simple clothes as they feel it embarrassing not to wear the designers outfits .And not only simple designer clothes, rather these ladies love to wear heavy embroidered designer apparels especially on any sort of function either it is any body’s wedding, party or gathering .

  • Designers hardworking to make unique outfits:

The designers of Pakistani fashion industry are known in all over the world for their unique and trendy dresses which are just perfect for any type of functions. These designers due to their hardworking have made the position for themselves in this highly competitive fashion era of world .Not only popular in Pakistan rather gaining fame in all over the world thus making us Pakistanis feel proud and thus to wear their costumes is just proud for us .


  • Designers for female outfits:

There are many designers of fashion industry who keeps on producing new and unique clothes for their customers so that they could retain their customer, could increase the market share, could face the competition confidently and to increase the number of their satisfied customers .

The names of popular fashion designers of female outfits are:

  • Hassan Sheharyar Yasin (HSY)
  • Deepak Parwani
  • Maria B
  • Asim Jofa
  • Nomi Ansari etc.


  • Designers for male outfits:

As there are variety of female fashion designers, similarly the number of male fashion designers are also increasing day by day .Male fashion designers designs for male and young kids as well so that they must not feel themselves low from ladies in any respect .They also find each and every category in boutiques which male required to attend a party .

The important names of male fashion designers includes:

  • Deepak Parwani
  • Ammar Bilal
  • Abdul Samad
  • Al Karam
  • Aijaz Aslam

Longer bobs with bangs hairstyles


2 Longer bobs with bangs hairstylesDifferent hairstyles are a major trend in different times. After the debut of the short bob, the long bob is having its 5 minutes of glory. Long bob with bangs hairstyles are so popular right now and there are so many ideas to go through. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Snowlights

Believe it or not, a longer bob with snowlights is super trendy right now. Highlights are a great synonym for summer but snowlights are a even better one. Snowlights are actually shimmering parts of pale blond hair scattered through the top of the head like snow. They go great on dark hair as well as on light hair. Use a texturing spray for the bangs and to secure the hair. Experiment a little with your hair, and making highlights is one of the best ways.

  1. In a black color

Long bob with bangs hairstyles are a great choice for women with heart-shaped and round faces because it frames the face beautifully. No matter the tan, if you’re into black this summer, color your hair then. It is the easiest way to have fun with your hair.

  1. Watermelon hair

One of the rising trends in the longer bob with bangs hairstyles department is the watermelon hair. Everyone knows that green and pink go together so well. So if you feel kinda frutty this summer then we suggest you try out this.

  1. Hair that looks like it’s bleeding

A really cool and fun hairstyle for a longer bob with bangs is the color bleed hair. Redish or pinkish colors that gradually decrease and increase in the hair is a beautiful yet refined look which is great for the hotter months. It is even great for the office!

  1. Rose gold hair

If you wish to look like a million dollars then paint your hair in this amazing hue. This color is actually pretty great for long bob with bangs hairstyles.  Because of its radiance you will attract all the attention to yourself and plus you do not really need to wear makeup if you have rose gold hair.

  1. Tortoiseshell

Also known as the ecaille blend, this is a technique in which three or more similar colors blend into the hair so they create movement. This is excellent for women with thin hair because it can give you a dimension and more volume. This is the definition of perfection.

A Bright Gem to Remember


I am on top of the world. I finished my last final exam. I will be graduating from college in the next weeks. I have completed all of my required credits for graduation. My four years of hard work have come to an end. I picked up my cap and gown for the ceremony. After graduation, I will be moving to the next phase of my life. I want something else to mark my conquest of college. I want something physical to show my accomplishment. I looked into fine jewelry dealers to purchase a class ring. I think it will the perfect symbol of my achievement.

I want my class ring to reflect the past four years of my life. I want to use it as a constant reminder of the good times I had in my place of higher learning. I have the perfect design in mind. I want my ring to have a blue sapphire in the middle. I chose this gem this gem for two reasons. First, it is my birthstone. (more…)

How To Look Your Best This Summer


With summer upon us people are starting to think about how they can look their best for a trip to Europe or the beach. It is not too late to get the look that you want but you will have to start as soon as possible. All that a change takes is a small tweak to your already established routine. Small lifestyle changes can add up and have you looking better than ever. The following are just a few of the many ways you can look your best for summer.

Obviously everyone wants to have washboard abs and a toned body. This does not happen overnight but with a few tweaks to your diet and exercise routine it is possible to do this in a few months. Try to implement a lifestyle change at least once a week until it becomes routine. For example, instead of drinking soda change to water as soda can have excess calories. Just by cutting out a few foods you can get the body you have always wanted. A great diet to try is that of the Paleo Diet as it does not limit portions but only what you can eat.

Working out is going to be essential as you will have to be active daily to attain your goals. Something as simple as a 30 minute walk a few times a week can have you seeing results. You should set your body composition goals then do some research on what it will take to attain these goals. Write these goals down as this will help you hold yourself accountable on a day you might not want to work out at all. Set goals along the way so you can track your progress in an efficient manner.

Now that you know how to look your best this summer, it is time to get your home in shape. Home Decorators now has coupons on Groupon that will help you add life to your home this summer. Do not let the harsh summer heat impact the look and feel of your home. Look your best and make sure your home is doing the same!

What You Should Know About Super Casino Bonus And Offers


When choosing super casino site, you can’t simply ignore the bonus and offers you can gain. Source the information directly to the site to find out information about super casino bonus and offers, it is a good idea, so to speak. That said, there is a way if you expect more effective way to know more about the bonus and offers, let say. It is way better if you simply look around one reliable site like bonus4casino where you effortlessly can source information about bonus and offers that will enhance your enjoyment while playing.

Too, the bonus is not outdated, since it will be regularly updated. You rest assured for the latest and as well exclusive bonus and offers you can attain. Each individual has different way to determine what is good for them. You may think that monthly bonus every time you transfer your deposit is best thing for you. Whilst, other may think the contrary. Different with you, they consider about having multiple bonus anytime they put their deposit like the first deposit, the second, and the third.

Other thing you can benefit from good super casino site, it is the reviews. Considering the reviews, you will know about your operator through other people’s perspective, thence it will be honest. Bunches of casino operators online will welcome you, in the next time you look one to make your first account. Know nothing about your operator, be prepared with nightmare you don’t expect to be a part of your life. You play the real money there. So then, if you can’t pick them properly, it will affect the cost that you need to pay. Oh, chance to win as well. It is easy for online casino operator to trick you. In short, select one that is trusted enough, you know it once you find it.

Musesgowns, Right Place to Find Beautiful Dresses in Special Price


Prom always becomes special moment. It is a moment where women must be so beautiful since there will be big party. It will be a memorable moment, so it is worthy to make memorable experience in the prom. In this case, choosing the dress can be the right thing to do when you are going to make memorable experience. There can be many beautiful Prom Dresses to choose, but there may be confusing to choose the best one. In this case, there are some beautiful dresses to choose in Musesgowns. For example, there is shimmering floor-length scoop beading dress. This dress comes in red to make you look so attractive and there are beadings as the great combinations. This also has special price that will not make your pocket empty. There is also comfortable sweetheart beading sheath floor-length dress. This dress is unique. It comes in beautiful blue and there is beadings forming a shape of heart. This makes you look very attractive and lovely.

Musesgowns also has many interesting Prom Wedding Dresses to wear when you are planning a wedding ceremony. As the prom dress designs, there are beautiful wedding dress designs to wear. It will not be only a dream to be a princess in the wedding ceremony. For example, there is flattering mermaid floor-length scoop wedding dress. This dress may look plain in white, but actually there are details of pattern on its fabric. This makes the dress look awesome in simpler look. If you want to wear long sleeves, there is modern long sleeves floor-length V-Neck wedding dress. It has modern long sleeves with V-neck to show your beauty. The sleeves hide some part of your hands. It comes in white to make your wedding looks so sacred and awesome. There is also ball gown, such as brilliant ball gown floor-length. This wedding dress is a sleeveless dress. There are also details of beadings in the gown to make your look more attractive.

There still other collections of dresses in Musesgowns. There are some beautiful Evening Dresses to see. There are some designs of dress in A-line style. For example, there is classic A-line scoop floor-length applique dress. This dress comes in blue. Another dress is dazzling A-line sweetheart floor-length beading dress. There are beautiful beadings on the waist to make the white dress look so beautiful. There are still many other dresses in the store. All of them come in special prices, so you can get beautiful dress with lower prices.

Picking a Lens Color for Designer Sunglasses if You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder


I craved the sunshine. Even a sunny day in the cold of winter was helpful to me. The sunshine of summer made me feel a whole lot better. I was like the poster child for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD as many know it by. That is where lack of daily exposure to sunshine makes you feel depressed, lacking energy and overall just plain awfully blah. A few rainy days in a row brought it on, and winter was awful with its shorter days. I wanted the sun so bad that even the chance to wear designer sunglasses had me leaving them in my pocket more often than wearing them. I wondered about that, so I took a look into it.

Those who have SAD do better on bright sunny days. In the winter many of those who suffer from the disorder have a light panel they sit in front of that exposes them to bright light for a few hours every day. (more…)

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